A Proven System

We partner with million-dollar brands to help them GROW, SCALE, and EXIT their business.

Buy. Build. Exit Safely.

How I Can Help You

Acquire. Invest. Exit Safely.

More than 80% of Owners will not sell their businesses and will simply pay their debts and close their doors. That’s a fact. It doesn’t have to be you. Whatever the reason for wanting to sell, it starts with a realistic expectation based on a market valuation of your business. It’s important not just to know the value but why so that you can increase valuations as quickly as possible.

We can help!


We Invest in Small Businesses

We are a micro-acquisition company that invests in small businesses that have a minimum of 500K EBITDA (1 to 30 million in revenue), which has a small team of 5 or more employees, and is currently profitable. If that's you, let's talk.


We Consult for Growth and Exits

Many times a business owner will realize that with a little bit more work they can increase their valuation exponentially over three to five years. The time to exit may not be right away but they need help to get ready. We can help!

Consulting Services


Business Exit Strategies

Preparing for an exit is a very lucrative endeavor but it costs time and money to execute. Preparation is key and we are talking a year or two from start to finish to do it right.


Growth Through Acquisition

Funding isn't the issue. Money for your acquisition is available. Strategy and knowledge are key. Growing through acquisition works. Period.


Business Market Studies

Baby Boomers are retiring in record numbers. There is a glut in the market of business for sale. You need to know the truth about what it takes to sell your business today.


Network Based Strategies

Whether you are selling, buying or consulting for growth, you don't have to do it alone. Having the right network behind you is key to success in any endeavor.


Business Valuation Services

Knowing what your business is worth and why is an important first step in preparing to exit. Most businesses do not sell because the owners simply expect too much.

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