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Buy. Build. Exit Safely.

Aiming to Be the Best

We Deliver Measurable Results.

Leveraged Sales + Bankable Profits = Higher Valuations

Sales Case Study – Grew $360K per year eCommerce business 86x to $31 million per year. Added products to digital info sales, and brought in professional management. Exited to a billion-dollar company.

Profit Case Study – Redesigned the business model of a rapidly growing professional services company to increase profits by 300%, reduce staffing needs, and lower operating costs by 67%.

Valuation Case Study – Grew digital publishing company revenues by 3x and profits by 12x, repositioned additional products to increase value by 30x.

We partner with Million Dollar Brands to help them GROW, SCALE, and EXIT their business.

We invest in businesses as well.

What my clients say...

Success is not about us but about our clients. Have we truly helped them to accomplish their goals, their dreams, their expectations? That is the only question that matters. The rest is all smoke and mirrors...

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